Come on let the celebrations begin…..


Today we are fortunate as nation to say ‘cheers’ to our resilient spirit, surely the fire within remains challenged to stay the course despite our many obstacles.  Our love for our culture, people lives and breathes a life all of its own.  Sharing our gifts and talents with the world!  Humbled by the opportunity more than acceptance, telling the sweet tales of a Trinbagonian clan who lived, tried, ever so popular,yet true to their existence, expressive by nature willing to share love the world!

As our journey continue to enfold , marvelous rewards and recognition become the highlight of our land, bringing pride and love for country in such an extraordinary way.  The tireless effort of our brand ambassadors; might I add lend support to the backdrop of this success, as they forge ahead to tell their story  either through, music, sports, or academia with sheer joy, beauty and poise.  Surely, 2014 is no exception, thankfully we have seen the notable, positive rumbles in Europe as Bunji Garlin and his beautiful wife Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez move the hearts and soul of people from both near and far!  To a rhythm so real, peaking curiosity building excitement worldwide.   

Ian Alavarez (Bunji Garlin) is a four time Soca Monarch Champ, his monster hit  “Differentology”,made alot of noise, so much so he took home the  2014 Soul Train Award for the “Best International Performance”.  Signing with VP Records is just the beginning for the Royal Couple of Soca Music…

Then BET…  

This lyrical genius continue to defy the odds, never lost for words …..

St. Joseph Convent Choir 

Our girls sang beautiful notes, easily captivating the audience with their warm smiles, confidently executing an unforgettable repertoire.  Clenching Silver in the championship category!  Of course, these girls rocked! Knocking 500 choirs out of the race…  at the 8th World Choir Games!  Great Job! 🙂  


Keshorn Walcott our Olympic Gold Medal Champion continues to break his National Record at both The 2014 Commonwealth Games and most recently AAF Diamond League in Zurich, Switzerland,

George Bovell recently bag silver in the 50M Freestyle at the FINA/MASTBANK Swimming World Cup at the Hamad Aquatic Centre, Al Aziziyah, Doha, Qatar.

Machel Cedeno won gold at the World junior 400 metres in the Flame Games, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Noteworthy to mention, history was made once again,  this time by our Soca Princesses as they won the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Women’s Caribbean Cup.

Archers, Archers where are thou?… Jean-luc Espinet showed them who is boss after wining the men’s re-curve title at the Trinidad and Tobago Target Archery Federation’s National Outdoor Junior and Open Championships.  Adventurous indeed..

Lee Ann Lingo T & T’s Tennis star has excel at both her academics and tennis, voted as the Athlete of the year at Savannah College of Arts & Design.  She has managed to obtain, maintain a 3.6 grade average yet still keep the tennis court active, Lee Ann our promising dashing star in the very near future.

Thank you!!!   Brand Ambassadors, keep up the good work.. 🙂

Jean-Luc Espinet Archer Star

Jean-Luc Espinet
Archer Star

Sweet T & T regardless of the challenges we face together, as a people lets join hands, work in-sync to make our country a ‘Paradise’ a place where “every creed and race has an equal place”.  Be happy, thankful you are a Trinabgonian land of Pan, Tassa, Oil, Soca, Calypso,Chutney.  Beautiful people of different races, religions, striving to live in harmony so the world world can see it’s very easy… believe me I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!!


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