Great news!  Our Soca King Machel Montano relentless pursuit of a Grammy Award  has surely not been in vain.  From the moment he stepped into the Queens Park Savannah (‘big yard’) he made it abundantly clear he meant business and certainly was not “Too Young To Soca”.

With his goals and priorities set,  this son of the soil, an adoring  soca gem of the Caribbean once again have gallantly done his best by placing us yet again at the forefront of the international stage, using soca music as his springboard for success.

Sparkling bright, beaming with pride, ready to take the podium and the microphone in all estimation confident and eager to do his bid.   Blow de horn,  ‘Mr. Fete’ has received first ballot consideration in the 55th Grammy Awards for his 2012 album, Double M, for the infectious video of his mega groovy soca hit “Vibes Cyah Done”.

According to Sunday Express Newspaper  over the years his music has grown in popularity embraced by folks living in Manhattan and several West Indian communities such as Queen’s & Brooklyn.

Furthermore the collaborations with numerous  Reggae and R & B superstars considerably ‘Max it up’ to a certain degree making soca music more recognizable and certainly attractive, appealing to foreign counterparts whilst in the process of mixing many other genres of music required to propel  soca music to the next level Lord this melody sweet!

Now indubitably, this is a significant feat for Trinidad & Tobago.  Happily we welcome a new musical chapter often shown by the pluralistic contributions of all artistes which is indeed vital to the survival of this prestigious artform.  Team must be rewarded and fully endorsed if we want collectively as a people make a huge harmonious impact on the world stage.

As we noticeably continue to push boundaries, ballots whatever it takes along the way to continuously promote our culture within the context of its authentic state.  Regardless of the fusing element, our identity must not be  comprised, but rather all compassing because it’s the key ingredient for  a solid product/brand.

I do envision our new and upcoming musicians, artists must be inspired by such positive news update , encouraged by the prospect of a Grammy up for grabs, close to clench without a doubt Mr. Fete must be all geared up to place upon his hefty mantle of musical accolades, perhaps, our 1st Grammy Award historical indeed!

Hey I know its just the beginning, were not nominated yet, but the mere fact we are considered makes the thought of winning much more easier.  Just as the second Olympic Gold Medal, Soca Warrior reaching the World Cup, look lets jump for joy, a step further towards a dream of an island so sweet!

Cheers to Ras Short we thank you for building the soca train, an architectural design so unique, even a copy cat unable to detect the engineering capabilities and the longevity of a music so influential, passionate as its people poised for progress in every way!

Toast to Machel Montano…. Thank you for taking up the challenge, elevating your support to your culture, being patriotic to your country, music, people a pioneer to perhaps a newly upgraded soca music, surely a man sincerely destined for greatness,  for this reason we could agree ‘The Vibes Cyar Done”.

by Nicole Fisher

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1 Response to “VIBES CYAR DONE”

  1. I love Machel’s MUSIC! My favorite is TORO TORO! (Nasty Bull!)

    I find myself, as a self-proclaimed “winerholic” enjoying his sensual, rhythmic and evolving offerings each year.I don’t like them in the abundance as I used to but at least one Machel does it for me per year.

    I remember “WINE IN THE AIR, RING IN HIS NIPPLE, CONSTRUCTION BOOTS AND JUMPER MACHEL” OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE! I did love he! *looks off dreamily in the distance*

    I was too young to “Soca” 😉 myself those days but he coulda “come dig it” anytime if he had stayed in the persona!

    I hope he portrays a humble spirit dispite this stellar achievment, though. He already has an “unflattering” reputation for being haughty and inconsiderate. But, indeed, I would be selectively “dotish” if I,too, didn’t congratulate and thank him for staying the course when many totally bamboozled, ignored, disrespected and discounted him. I must confess that I have done all collectively and individually at times. So as his big, ” You ain’t nothing…You ain’t BAD!” moment illuminates him with international recognition I will put my “non-singing” tail between my leg and say Mr. HD “Yuh In Charge”!

    Kudos to you Nicole for being on the pulse! I also laud the fact that you honoured the originator himself, the late but forever great Mr. Garfield Blackman. Without (then) Lord Shorty’s visionary acumen Machel would have been some kind of pencil pusher in an unfulfilling 8-4 job or worse…an Trinidadian-American Rapper AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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