Colours do have vibrant characteristics, penetrating yet often conveying a jubilant expression which has the ability to take over your consciousness with ease.

This is how I describe the rainbow country of Trinidad and Tobago captivating, effervescent, not plastic, nor frivolous just all-encompassing.

Denyse Plummer and dance troop
Photo by Guardian Media

Mr. Patrick Castagne writer of our national anthem was a very wise man, he totally understood the unique value of our beloved nation, and he sought to echo the sentiments of our distinctive attributes unlike any this world have ever witnessed.

Mr. Patrick Castagne – Write of T & T National Anthem
Photo by Trinisoca

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Anthem : “Every creed and race finds and equal place”

The Mighty Sniper could not have said it better, I love Trinidad & Tobago!

Imagine Africans, Chinese, East Indians, Lebanese, different religions (Roman Catholic, Christians, Pentecostal, Seventh Days Adventist, Hindus, Anglican and Muslims, free to practice their traditions all living today a tranquil setting , people striving for peace, forging together in harmony.

Oh how magnificent and lucky we are to have the opportunity to be ourselves, without the fear of our democratic rights being infringed upon.  In Trinidad and Tobago choosing and worshiping, praising your god maybe a decision subjective to some, but a constitutional solid legal bona-fide right to you!

You know Eid, Divali, Carnival, Hosay, Phagwa, Easter, Christmas, Arrival Day, Corpus Christi, Shouter Baptist Day just some of our holidays, they do mirror our past linking our future as we continue to develop our nation in one mutual accord!

Traditional Creche – Picture taken from Living Waters Community

Muslims Praying at Eid – Picture by Starborke News

Divali- Picture by

Shouter Baptist – Photo by Trinigourmet

Phagwa – Picture by Indian Times

Hosay in St. Jmaes – Picture by Trinisoca

Rich in oil, gas and petro chemicals we hold tourism as our baby nurturing, loving and providing the relevant creative paths for a futuristic solid foundation which may be shaken but never allowed to fall into the depths of an identity crisis.

So listen I nah leave my country sweet T & T your beauty, pride and strength , glaring for all to see so passionate, powerful and true.

Trinidad a Tobago truly a melting pot of culture, diverse and blessed nation.

So come and visit just a few miles away, pack a suitcase or two you’ll truly say these trini’s sweet for true!

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  1. Girl sometimes I observe the setting on Frederick Street on my way to class and I tell myself this is what defines our country. I actually do feel a sense of pride. Seeing lovers walking hand in hand and friends all of a different race laughing and chatting. Sweet T and T for life.

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