“1, 2 buckle my shoe, 3, 4 shot the door, 5, 6 pickup sticks, 7, 8 lay them straight, 9, 10 a big fat hen!  Clapping games were so much fun! 🙂

Practice makes perfect, but at this age, my hands hurt before I finished the last line.          Oh yes! It’s  good to reminisce, about my school days right here in sweet Trinidad and Tobago.

Permit me to say it was definitely worth my while!  You see most of us were actually allowed to be kids create, explore, and invent.  The world was bigger than its actual size, huge to conquer in every imaginable way!  Sesame Street made it so easy an ally or sorts!

Firstly the day started off with a hint of magic in the air, the  magnificent voice on my little cream radio was truly an inspiration to me.  I looked forward to listen to Dave Elcock a radio announcer on 610 Radio.

He played my absolute favorite song “One day at a time” by Cristy Lane a very comforting song, I sang word for word.  Soon after the Calypso king of the World, The Mighty Sparrow’ sang his song “Education” that’s when my grand mom would shout at the top of her lungs  “You better listen eh, go to school and learn well, otherwise later on in life you go ketch real hell”!

Powerful lady indeed, look she put the ear in ‘fear’ (ring ears) because I listened,dare not make a statement, no soirée, because licks would have come forthwith (lol).

Funny though, at age 8 I believed my grandmother was the best hairdresser in the land, but I just could not understand why the style remained the same day after day.

Walking to school was an adventure I begged my parents to stop at the Lord Harris Square on Pembroke Street to allow me to touch the ‘teemari’ plant for the leaves to close pretty cool trick!

When I arrived at school, my heart leapt with joy my itinerary was already planned from the prior day.  In the morning hop-scotch no fighting until my turn, hide ‘n’seek at recess time.

Don’t forget to run to the gate to catch the ‘original ‘palette man on his bicycle which somehow had a unique bell, strawberry was my favorite, practically the whole school was able to detect from the moment he arrived always on time, Mr. Ralph Snr. meant business.

Palette Man

Flavorite Pallette Man serves delicious lollies strawberry, coconut etc

For lunch we would eat quickly in order to play moral, jacks, marbles and rounder’s before the school bell rang.  Our principal Mrs. Moore was strict as they come; no one wanted to become acquainted with the guava whip on her desk.

In the afternoon as we waited on our parents to return home we used the swings, ate plums, doungs and penna-cool from the school cafeteria.

Today it delights me when I see  bits & pieces of my school days being re-enacted by my nieces and nephews, playing the same games before they do their home work or at weekends, it simply means the tradition is still being passed on from one generation to the next.

Children on swing at Edingburgh Gardens Park
Photo by Nicole Fisher

Niece & Nephew Playing Jumping Jack
Photo by Nicole Fisher

Niece Playing Skip Rope

Joy to the max school dayz still is the best days!

What made your school days special?

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  1. Nyomi Reyes says:

    Wow this piece brought back memories, lovely

  2. Crab Catcher says:

    What made my school days special? I have to say the foods. Chilli Bibbi, mango and cherry anchar, red mango, chenette from the school’s chennet tree and the games. Tag, gun shooting, catch and by the time recess was over we were sweaty and stink but it made sweet memories. the teachers werent bad even though it was cut-tail galore but i guess that same ‘cut-ass’ aided in making me who i am today. So sad that children only or mostly know of playstation and psp today because back in my day a Playstation was a long piece of wood and an old milk tin which was made into a See Saw.

    • Choy thanks for participating, please look out for daily posts. We really want to here from you!
      I agree the food was phenomenal, its been quite sometime since I aint Chilli Bibbi though it was messy but yummy! lol! 🙂
      That is what truly made school days the best!

  3. Telisha says:

    School days was really the best……. sometimes i feel as though i can do it again!!

  4. Jerelin J. Neaves says:

    School days was the best long time, the Teachers use to care about the pupils, and they use to take us to plenty outings. Schools use to have plenty of activities to make the days enjoyable for the children. The Ministry of Education use to make it their business to make sure the school is in order. I remember almost every school term they use to send a health van to cut the end of your ears and take blood. We had dentist visit and milk and biscuits which was given every week. Where have all the careing people have gone.

  5. Alice Hannibal says:

    My school days memories were SWEET!!!, Let’s see…who could forget the ignorant old lady under the almond tree who sold stewed tamarind (still my favourite) for .5 cents on a piece of brown paper, I lick real brown paper in my days, I swear that woman never smiled in all the years I went to Girls’ RC, or racing to Ms. Carmen shop on Cemetery Street corner to buy Nestle chocolate milk for .21 cents cold … amazing eh!!! but the best had to be teacher Ukal… the fifth standard boys teacher, he would share cutarse for one, just one sum wrong and right after the bell, send the boy by Chang Shop to buy a petit quart in a brown bag… and dont dare look in the bag on the way back you know… is more licks…we didn’t need ipads and Fifa 2000 back then at all…

  6. Kae B. says:

    Yh, school days was the best with my school bros. Every drive up to Maracas from Maraval is memories of running out of school in the rain to go by Bishops’ or Holy Name to go and harass people girl children before lessons. Nothing can compare to those times. 😦

    • Crab Catcher says:

      lol Running in the rain, gosh jed, watch na………..i use to get soak, all meh books use to be totally wet. yuh know its cut-tail after lol. Boy children was the worst, we can never stay clean for an entire day lol

  7. Simone Mc Gill-Rullow says:

    Ah boi…school days really were the best, had innocent fun, not what is happening in schools today…bring back de ole time days 😦

  8. Vicki says:

    You only realise you miss those days when it is time to pay bills

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