The horns blow under the glaring sun, surely a busy period no matter what time of the day.  Maxi-Taxi drivers, taxis, commuters, exercise enthusiasts and souvenir vendors alike all have one thing in common to venture to the Queen’s Park Savannah better known as the longest traffic roundabout in the world.

The Savannah, accommodating and simply breathe taking is a whopping 260 acres of land.  Great news the perimeter is 3.5kilometeres whether you are heading from  Port of Spain to Maraval, Long Circular Road, St. James, Woodbrook and St. Ann’s or simply seeking to proceed to the Lady Young Road for faster access outside of the capital no pun intended this roundabout is indeed a life saver!

Horse-racing, cricket, ruby and football are popular games which are played on a regular basis.  Not to mention at Carnival time carnival masqueraders flock their sanctuary to jump to the lively songs of soca music on Carnival Monday & Tuesday.  Both young and old prance on stage at the Grand Stand before venturing back onto the streets again to the infectious beat.

The Panorama Competition finals attract hundreds of pan devotees who eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support any band of their choice as they play their hearts out on an innovative instrument which have influenced the world at large-scale with its pulsating unique song.

Calypso Monarch, Carnival King & Queen, Junior King & Queen are all crowned at this location in their entire splendor and glory via the Dimanche Gras and Junior Carnival respectively.

Now alot of promoters might agree, events do have a historical relationship with this scenic site, similarly to the Magnificent Seven, majestic mansions which certainly old enough to tell a tale, these buildings are well-kept and considered as the crowd jewel of the savannah, clearly beautiful eye caching architectural brilliance..

The National Academy for Performance Arts lifts the helm of the savannah with its huge dome edifice, captivating the eyes by its alluring towering effect.  The glass structure is as attractive, as glitter is on a masquerader face, especially when the sunlight of beams into its pathway, as any cameraman would say to his lens Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest building of them all”.  

National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) reflects boldly!

National Academy for Performing Arts                   reflects boldly!
A riveting compliment to tourists…
Photo taken by Nicole Fisher

"Water jumps for joy at the entrance National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA)"

Water jumps for joy at the entrance                     National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA)”
Quite a refreshing view.
Photo taken by Nicole Fisher

For sure at night our local cuisine e.g. corn soup; punch and bar-be-cue is on display, served by vendors at the entrance of the Grand Stand.   Coconut Water Vendors could be seen from afar along the perimeter ready to serve you at a moment notice; only a smile will do laughs….


Dr. Fresh Punch Man serves delicious punches at the Queens Park Savannah.


Corn Soup Vendors serves heart warming soup at the Queens Park Savannah.

This extraordinary circular location lends a backdrop to the President House,                 Royal Botanic Gardens and the Hollows.  Gorgeous poui-trees and pretty soulful birds add a dynamic presentation of such limitless ambience the savannah creates; relaxation is quite possible as its leaves much to one’s imagination and heart’s desire.

The President House

President of Trinidad & Toabgo
His Excellency George Maxwell Richard House (NF)

"Lily Pond at the Hollows

“Beautiful site a Lily Pond at the Hollows”
Photo taken by Nicole Fisher

So if you are visiting Trinidad and Tobago and your Hotel is smacked right in the middle of Port of Spain take full advantage of The Queens Park Savannah because it is as delightful, multi-facet as the people who enjoy it’s inter, outer limits!

By Nicole Fisher

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  1. Simone Mc Gill-Rullow says:

    Nicole truly captures the essence of the Savannah and its rich culture that truly is Trinidadian…great job!! I Look forward to your upcoming posts….

  2. I like your approach of turning “lemons into lemonade” with regards to our horrendous traffic situation. We really do take for granted some of the unique facets of our national culture/identity. Thanks for taking the time to put it into perspective so well. Love the pictures too…especially those of the food 😉

  3. Nisa Simmons says:

    This really is a great post showcasing a unique aspect of our life here in Trinidad.

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