Hi my name is Nicole, I am from a beautiful twin isle state Trinidad  & Tobago, bountiful and forever beautiful in every way!

According to ‘beauty’ is defined as the quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.  And… ‘Beauty’ a quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, or telling.

You see, it’s in this same vain I commence writing this blog with such and vigor, love and passion penned in my honest humble opinion conveying the sheer splendor of a Caribbean island so sweet,  Trinidad & Tobago,  so lush green, a conqueror, champion in every facet known to mankind.

A creative seemingly blessed country, tiny in comparison to some but a big champion in comparison to other nations, some quiver in their boots as witnessed in the recently concluded 2012 Olympics Keshorn Walcott

Cheerfully, I choose to reflect upon the positives attributes of my beloved country, the people, and the uniqueness of our culture, positively a land of sun, sea and fun with limitless songs of tassa, steelpan, calypso, soca and indigenous dance limbo bongo and bele.

Extremely colourful people, rigorous and vibrant as the mas costumes  we create, providing such insight into an expressive way to communicate.

Oh! Certainly let the drums roll and the steel pan play , T & T truly a cosmopolitan nation 

Now I am not one to tell a tale, whilst walking a trail of jelly beans and candy cane, believe it or not we are far from being immune from societal issues which I must admit try to compete for a headline or two.

However, I will climb the tallest mountain and shout with such joy and conviction that Trinidad & Tobago thus far in my view for the last 50 years have demonstrated to the world all races can definitely find an equal place if they twork hard together to strive for love, peace and harmony!  Magnified and illustrated as perhaps realistic portrayal known to man!

Just as Jean Michael Cazabon trinbagonian born famous painter crafted on canvas a piece entitled ‘Mulatto Girl’ in (b.1813 d. 1888) no doubt he probably would have immediately stood in awe due to the sight of yet another of his artistic masterpiece, this too we must practice from time to time tuning into the ‘beauty’ around us isolating the noise from a distance.

Occasionally, we should step back, look in with an opened mind, free to explore, removing biases or contradictions only then we can truly discover the  ‘beauty, in our midst then being grateful opens the door to retrieve ‘magnificence’ in a familiar place a place you can all home an absolutely golden opportunity to navigate through let’s imagine  King Solomon’s mine!  Trinidad & Tobago my pot of gold to cherish!

Do you think tweaking our perception is maybe the key to overlook the negativity which looms/exist in our environment?

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  1. toytoy says:

    I is a Trini too loves it

  2. Candace D says:

    I love the blog. OMG its like sooooooo good.
    Keep up the good work Nicole. Thumbs up!

  3. Natasha fitzwilliam-joseph says:

    Nicole good job. Continue to be excellent.

  4. Carnelia says:

    Good work Nicole

  5. Brendan George says:

    Good job, but, to answer your question about tweaking perception…… I think it goes a little beyond perception and delves more into rekindling effort to retrain individuals on proper norms and good values. I say this because I has seen this as the basis of our existence, yet, it is something that individuals neglect to put emphasis on anymore. I believe that if we change the culture, we help a few more ppl venture down the correct path and decrease negativity in society.

    • Hi Brendan,

      Thanks for visiting my blog, your input is greatly appreciated. I do agree much effort is definitely required to indoctrinate change which could seemingly propel us to the next level, not forced but rather encouraged.

      Stay tuned for more posts.


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