Come on let the celebrations begin…..


Today we are fortunate as nation to say ‘cheers’ to our resilient spirit, surely the fire within remains challenged to stay the course despite our many obstacles.  Our love for our culture, people lives and breathes a life all of its own.  Sharing our gifts and talents with the world!  Humbled by the opportunity more than acceptance, telling the sweet tales of a Trinbagonian clan who lived, tried, ever so popular,yet true to their existence, expressive by nature willing to share love the world!

As our journey continue to enfold , marvelous rewards and recognition become the highlight of our land, bringing pride and love for country in such an extraordinary way.  The tireless effort of our brand ambassadors; might I add lend support to the backdrop of this success, as they forge ahead to tell their story  either through, music, sports, or academia with sheer joy, beauty and poise.  Surely, 2014 is no exception, thankfully we have seen the notable, positive rumbles in Europe as Bunji Garlin and his beautiful wife Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez move the hearts and soul of people from both near and far!  To a rhythm so real, peaking curiosity building excitement worldwide.   

Ian Alavarez (Bunji Garlin) is a four time Soca Monarch Champ, his monster hit  “Differentology”,made alot of noise, so much so he took home the  2014 Soul Train Award for the “Best International Performance”.  Signing with VP Records is just the beginning for the Royal Couple of Soca Music…

Then BET…  

This lyrical genius continue to defy the odds, never lost for words …..

St. Joseph Convent Choir 

Our girls sang beautiful notes, easily captivating the audience with their warm smiles, confidently executing an unforgettable repertoire.  Clenching Silver in the championship category!  Of course, these girls rocked! Knocking 500 choirs out of the race…  at the 8th World Choir Games!  Great Job! 🙂  


Keshorn Walcott our Olympic Gold Medal Champion continues to break his National Record at both The 2014 Commonwealth Games and most recently AAF Diamond League in Zurich, Switzerland,

George Bovell recently bag silver in the 50M Freestyle at the FINA/MASTBANK Swimming World Cup at the Hamad Aquatic Centre, Al Aziziyah, Doha, Qatar.

Machel Cedeno won gold at the World junior 400 metres in the Flame Games, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Noteworthy to mention, history was made once again,  this time by our Soca Princesses as they won the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Women’s Caribbean Cup.

Archers, Archers where are thou?… Jean-luc Espinet showed them who is boss after wining the men’s re-curve title at the Trinidad and Tobago Target Archery Federation’s National Outdoor Junior and Open Championships.  Adventurous indeed..

Lee Ann Lingo T & T’s Tennis star has excel at both her academics and tennis, voted as the Athlete of the year at Savannah College of Arts & Design.  She has managed to obtain, maintain a 3.6 grade average yet still keep the tennis court active, Lee Ann our promising dashing star in the very near future.

Thank you!!!   Brand Ambassadors, keep up the good work.. 🙂

Jean-Luc Espinet Archer Star

Jean-Luc Espinet
Archer Star

Sweet T & T regardless of the challenges we face together, as a people lets join hands, work in-sync to make our country a ‘Paradise’ a place where “every creed and race has an equal place”.  Be happy, thankful you are a Trinabgonian land of Pan, Tassa, Oil, Soca, Calypso,Chutney.  Beautiful people of different races, religions, striving to live in harmony so the world world can see it’s very easy… believe me I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!!


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Great news!  Our Soca King Machel Montano relentless pursuit of a Grammy Award  has surely not been in vain.  From the moment he stepped into the Queens Park Savannah (‘big yard’) he made it abundantly clear he meant business and certainly was not “Too Young To Soca”.

With his goals and priorities set,  this son of the soil, an adoring  soca gem of the Caribbean once again have gallantly done his best by placing us yet again at the forefront of the international stage, using soca music as his springboard for success.

Sparkling bright, beaming with pride, ready to take the podium and the microphone in all estimation confident and eager to do his bid.   Blow de horn,  ‘Mr. Fete’ has received first ballot consideration in the 55th Grammy Awards for his 2012 album, Double M, for the infectious video of his mega groovy soca hit “Vibes Cyah Done”.

According to Sunday Express Newspaper  over the years his music has grown in popularity embraced by folks living in Manhattan and several West Indian communities such as Queen’s & Brooklyn.

Furthermore the collaborations with numerous  Reggae and R & B superstars considerably ‘Max it up’ to a certain degree making soca music more recognizable and certainly attractive, appealing to foreign counterparts whilst in the process of mixing many other genres of music required to propel  soca music to the next level Lord this melody sweet!

Now indubitably, this is a significant feat for Trinidad & Tobago.  Happily we welcome a new musical chapter often shown by the pluralistic contributions of all artistes which is indeed vital to the survival of this prestigious artform.  Team must be rewarded and fully endorsed if we want collectively as a people make a huge harmonious impact on the world stage.

As we noticeably continue to push boundaries, ballots whatever it takes along the way to continuously promote our culture within the context of its authentic state.  Regardless of the fusing element, our identity must not be  comprised, but rather all compassing because it’s the key ingredient for  a solid product/brand.

I do envision our new and upcoming musicians, artists must be inspired by such positive news update , encouraged by the prospect of a Grammy up for grabs, close to clench without a doubt Mr. Fete must be all geared up to place upon his hefty mantle of musical accolades, perhaps, our 1st Grammy Award historical indeed!

Hey I know its just the beginning, were not nominated yet, but the mere fact we are considered makes the thought of winning much more easier.  Just as the second Olympic Gold Medal, Soca Warrior reaching the World Cup, look lets jump for joy, a step further towards a dream of an island so sweet!

Cheers to Ras Short we thank you for building the soca train, an architectural design so unique, even a copy cat unable to detect the engineering capabilities and the longevity of a music so influential, passionate as its people poised for progress in every way!

Toast to Machel Montano…. Thank you for taking up the challenge, elevating your support to your culture, being patriotic to your country, music, people a pioneer to perhaps a newly upgraded soca music, surely a man sincerely destined for greatness,  for this reason we could agree ‘The Vibes Cyar Done”.

by Nicole Fisher

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Colours do have vibrant characteristics, penetrating yet often conveying a jubilant expression which has the ability to take over your consciousness with ease.

This is how I describe the rainbow country of Trinidad and Tobago captivating, effervescent, not plastic, nor frivolous just all-encompassing.

Denyse Plummer and dance troop
Photo by Guardian Media

Mr. Patrick Castagne writer of our national anthem was a very wise man, he totally understood the unique value of our beloved nation, and he sought to echo the sentiments of our distinctive attributes unlike any this world have ever witnessed.

Mr. Patrick Castagne – Write of T & T National Anthem
Photo by Trinisoca

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Anthem : “Every creed and race finds and equal place”

The Mighty Sniper could not have said it better, I love Trinidad & Tobago!

Imagine Africans, Chinese, East Indians, Lebanese, different religions (Roman Catholic, Christians, Pentecostal, Seventh Days Adventist, Hindus, Anglican and Muslims, free to practice their traditions all living today a tranquil setting , people striving for peace, forging together in harmony.

Oh how magnificent and lucky we are to have the opportunity to be ourselves, without the fear of our democratic rights being infringed upon.  In Trinidad and Tobago choosing and worshiping, praising your god maybe a decision subjective to some, but a constitutional solid legal bona-fide right to you!

You know Eid, Divali, Carnival, Hosay, Phagwa, Easter, Christmas, Arrival Day, Corpus Christi, Shouter Baptist Day just some of our holidays, they do mirror our past linking our future as we continue to develop our nation in one mutual accord!

Traditional Creche – Picture taken from Living Waters Community

Muslims Praying at Eid – Picture by Starborke News

Divali- Picture by Mangolean.com

Shouter Baptist – Photo by Trinigourmet

Phagwa – Picture by Indian Times

Hosay in St. Jmaes – Picture by Trinisoca

Rich in oil, gas and petro chemicals we hold tourism as our baby nurturing, loving and providing the relevant creative paths for a futuristic solid foundation which may be shaken but never allowed to fall into the depths of an identity crisis.

So listen I nah leave my country sweet T & T your beauty, pride and strength , glaring for all to see so passionate, powerful and true.

Trinidad a Tobago truly a melting pot of culture, diverse and blessed nation.

So come and visit just a few miles away, pack a suitcase or two you’ll truly say these trini’s sweet for true!

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Just how trini’s love to party and fete we love to eat, non stop! If were given a chance, a good posse and the right environment, beware we could clean out the cupboards in your home or a restaurant. Believe me when I say culturally we are social happy goers the life of any party or event food adds the flair to any atmosphere!

When next you’re visiting,  no need to start a pot, visit the Arapita Avenue – on                       ‘D’ Avenue, St. James, Independence Square, Tragarete Road, Penal, San Fernando, Tobago and indulge in the biggest, best, gastronomical experience in your life! No doubt you will be amazed by the taste, texture and definitely the aroma.

Our dishes are influenced by Indian, Chinese, Amerindian, European, African, Creole and Lebanese heritage, enough to make you smile, nod and say uh huh!

So the burning question is what’s on d menu:





BAKE ‘N’ SMOKE HERRING (‘Choir girls’)











As with everything else eat in moderation, if you lucky you might see it fit to carry a sample back hom, e because the food is simply delicious,  so Bon Appetit!


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In Trinidad & Tobago we love to snack especially motivate each other to munch and crunch after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In the ole time day’s fruits were the easiest treat, call your friends over, climb a tree pick a fruit perhaps prepare a chow.  Surely most of us could imply what about a Catch Chocolate Bar, Ole Bar Be Cue Chips, Grainz, Rasin Peanuts, even a Rasin ‘n’ Nut Flakes.

You know I totally agree,  why not after all firstly its modern and these snack are manufactured and available by experienced local factories such as Associated Brands, Universals Foods and Holiday Foods.
However, doctors have indicated there are a lot of healthy benefits gained from eating a huge daily serving of both fruits and vegetables. We should  take full advantage of the many fruits trees which surround us for instance mangoes,  a favorite fruit in the Caribbean, they have the power to replenish salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise.


The enzymes in a Mango,  are called magneferin, katechol oxidase and lactase, have the capability to clean the bowel, removing toxins within the body, also aids your immune system in fighting fight any germs and afflictions. It has a lot of tryptophan So pick a mango today, keep the doctor away!



Coconut a life saver, no pipe borne water,” no worries man” just  stretch for a coconut, slice, open up and drink to life! Young coconuts have a  green exterior, more water and pulp whilst the brown stringy looking ones are considered to be matured with a thicker pulp and less water, these are good for making ‘sugar cake’. 🙂




Story Time

Every Sunday Aunty Mabel would go to the market before 5am to purchase 4 large coconuts, when she arrived home, the house is quickly filled with coconut aroma. Now don’t think about running to the kitchen to pick up a cake or two before they are cooled, boy are they tempted to touch really  hot, hot, hot and by the time your scream or shout Aunty Mabel, she will give you the eye, and buss out a hearty laugh at you! 🙂

See Sugar Cake Recipe below preparation time just under 20 minutes, you will finish in a flash!


My neighbours tambrind tree were constantly bombarded, because pepper and salt made this taste so good, more tangy a necessary mouth watering treat. According to nutrition and you tambrind contains a lot of health benefits, apparently it’s super good for the bowel and colon.



Guava is rich in Vitamins A, C and folic acid and contains four times the amount of Vitamin C in an orange.




According organic delivered the greatest nutritional benefits from a pawpaw is the presence of a proteolytic enzyme called the papain. It’s aids digestion and  can assist our body’s enzyme to extract the maximum nutritional value from the foods we eat.

Imagine cutting the skin of unripe papayas and applying it directly on jellyfish stings and even surgical wounds help hasten treatment due to the high concentration of papain in the skin. Did you know the black seeds inside the pawpaw can be ground and used as a substitute for black peppers and they have deworming effects?




Hey I am not a doctor, but in my opinion eat more of the fresh fruit and less of the preservatives. So no matter what snack you crave for in the Caribbean for the most part it always starts with a fruit, That my friends is the traditional trini way!

Just kidding it’s easier said than done, I love preservatives…….. lol! 🙂

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Caribbean music infectious as bees to a honey comb,  or a jar of honey, it could make you laugh, bawl, cry, even cringe and shout,  lose control,  gyrate your hips, prance up and down the streets, dance all around, freedom to sing just because you can!


In Trinidad & Tobago our music have transcended boundaries, jarred the limits of history a profound element of our culture the incubator of our existence, and the interpretation of our soul.

According to Dr. Hollis Liverpool better known in the Calypso world as  “The Chalkdust”(his sobriquet), Calypso became our national folk song and the music of the Caribbean after the slaves were freed.

West Indian custom ‘griots’ bore its roots deep within this land,  giving birth to the characteristics of the art form of Calypso  such as  The percussive rhythmic beats;  The call-and-response pattern; Extemporaneous singing (A musical dual, battle)  and Satire.

Furthermore in the early days the songs were sung in patois, in the extempo genre and usually involved colourful and aggressive language. There was also the trading of insults among performers, a form called ‘Mepris’ that later developed into the ‘war calypsos

According to Nalis Gros Jean, an African slave is reputed to have been the first calypsonian, having been named ‘Mait Caiso’ (Master of Caiso) by the Diego Martin estate owner Begorrat in 1790.

Calypso music the vibe, the rhythm and the beat the chant of many voices who echoed the sentiments of freedom, yes finally we can express our thoughts, ideas into feelings, paying tribute for a worthy cause, people, the art-form and country truly a magnificent gift to the nation!

In 1963 Ras Shorty I, the creator of Soca Music, wanted to experiment with calypso, therefore, he fused music from Indian musical instruments such as the dholak, and tabla and dhantal. He uniquely incorporated these beautiful tones, beats into Calypso music, with  a mission in mind to leave a golden legacy, which some could only emulate, but amplify .  He won his first title in South Trinidad with a song entitled “Cloak & Dagger” capturing the King of San Fernando title.

Ras Shorty I continued to experiment with the soca beat for nearly a decade, then produced his first album ‘Sweet Music’ followed by ‘Endless Vibration’ which produced a major controversial song “Om Shanti”.  Audiences around the world loved the beat, the merging of two cultures and their influences, African & Indian heritage.

Today Soca music continues to be integrated with other genres of music such as rap, R & B, pop, reggae, techno, disco, even rock elements.  This music has influenced soca ambassadors such as Machel Montano,  Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez, Bunji Garlin,                      Kerwin Du Bois, Kes Dieffenthaller , Patrice Roberts and Destra  Garcia just to name a few.

Machel’s Pump up flag

Faye Ann Lyon’s – Alvarez  –  ‘Consider it done’[

Bunji Garlin’s – “Born Ready

Patrice Robert’s & Kerwin Du Bois – “I Am Soca”

Kes The Band – “This Feeling”

Soca music feisty, vivacious , powerful enough to take control of your feet, chipping to the beat, singing  because the melody an accessory to the hype, cannot be measure but understood and appreciated for many more decades to come.

So much so, sheer faith is a commodity which we must value as a people.  Believing someday, somehow, Soca could retrieve a ‘Grammy Award’ not because it sounds good, but rather say to the world this musical composition creates a common thread which binds us as one people, one colour, one race, one nation, total unity building true prosperity for all!

So if you’re visiting our gracious shores for Carnival next year, jump in your section, listen to the footsteps, a exact representation of a liberal movement to uninterrupted independence, then you will have no choice but to say “Lord this melody sweet”!  

by Nicole Fisher

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After all the hustle and bustle of a hectic work week, it’s a quite a good idea as any to cool down, un-wind, relax kick your feet up and get caught up in the beauty which surrounds us in Trinidad & Tobago.



Jump into your car, take a Public Transportation Bus (PTSC) air-conditioned bus, taxi meet and greet friends, family, neighbors, or simply ordinary folks. Must confess some of my great life lessons, experiences actually occurred speaking to someone on a bus, its broadens your perspective on life great ideals!



Or perhaps car pool and have a girls “road trip’ trust me when I say you won’t regret it!

First stop Beaches

Macqueripe,  Maracas Beach, have a bite of the scrumptious bake Bake n Shark,                Las Cuevas Bay, Blanchisseuse Bay, L’Anse Martin, Salybia Beach, Manzanilla, Mayaro, Quinam Beach, Damien Bay and Yarra.





Next Stop we are going to La Brea (de Pitch Lake) the largest asphalt lake in the world!  This lake is 100 acres, 250 feet deep in the centre and holds 10 million ton of pitch (true talk)!  Over the years historically artifacts have been found such as mastodon tooth, fossil remains of a giant sloth and evidence of the Amerindians existence in this community.

The villagers stated the pitch lake has healing properties because of the high sulphur content, thus far scientific proof have not come forward to rebuff such claims, very interesting stuff indeed!


 Third stop, Piparo & Princes Town to view mud volcanoes apparently they erupt when natural gases (methane) and sediment build up over time and spew mud not hot lava as in the case of the huge volcanoes overseas.

Some history in 1997 the Piparo mud volcano erupted and caused some distress in the community and is a main attraction in this community.  However, early inhabitants in Princes Town heard the loud noise, sounds, the mud volcano eruptions and thought it was the Devil’s presence hence the reason its name the “Devil’s Woodyard”. 



Special mention though, if your visiting next year May to September Turtle watching better be on your itinerary, a thrilling site live being created as the sun goes down.

The leather back, loggerhead, hawksbill and olive ridley turtle visit our shores to nest, the leather back is more prominent and easily detected because they usually weigh a whopping 2,000 pounds.

As the journey continues, walk with credit card and cash in tow, drive to Piarco or drive to San Fernando (which direction you prefer) to catch the water ferry to take a boat or plane respectively head to Tobago!

Let we go to T-O-B-A-G-O……  we going to scuba dive look at the 300 beautiful species of coral reefs, e.g. fire and black coral, staghorn, giant tube sponges, under sea gardens and rock pillars.

On arrival jump on a glass-bottomed boat and view the Buccoo Marine Park, a lot of people frequent this spot to snorkel good choice!

The Nylon Pool at Buccoo Bay a fascinating shallow swimming experience, its warm in comparison to some other beaches.  Tobagonians say the Nylon Pool have rejuvenating powers, after which some bathers have indicated they look five years younger, so take a dip or two!

Many people who visit Tobago beaches, say it’s clear as day and water clean as spring water.  Englishman’s Bay has white sand, deep clear water and at Mount Irvine snorkelers can attest to coral, lobsters and large parrot fish!

Trinidad & Tobago have over 470 species of birds, all colours singing glorious all day, to the beat of island so sweet and the people complement everyone in every imaginable way!

Our national bird the Scarlet Ibis could be seen in all of its splendor flying high at the Caroni Brd Sanctuary.


The sites, seas and sounds of Trinbago offer a paradise, a Caribbean pasture to call home restful, rejuvenation awaits just as nature can be clinched just in a nick of time”.

By Nicole Fisher

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No matter how the wind blows, as a woman, when I step out in style ‘fashionista’ becomes my modus operandi!  From head to feet, being complete as I strut my stuff on the streets, catwalk, my external image have the power to promote a positive foundation for constructive interaction.

Clothing have always been a vital focal point, a necessity in our lives, allowing us to be confident, poised.  Seemingly, we depict a strong sentiment from wearing clothes.  Certainly in my opinion a lot can be garnered because self expression is constantly being crafted by the mixing and matching of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Colours, cuts, swirls, patterns all provide history of cultures, a tapestry of sorts a story is being unleashed before the public’s very own eyes.  Interestingly offering enough excitement, added with a touch of sex appeal, transposes an alluring effect to call you home to a fashion designer’s boutique to possibly purchase their fantastic designs.

In Trinidad & Tobago over the years our top notch fashion designers such as

Claudia Pegus,



Heather Jones

Heather Jones 2012

Heather Jones 2012




    Rodney Alexander   





 Ecliff Elie



Peter Elias



All of whom have  culminated their creative resources to prove to the world they are a force to be reckoned in the fashion world!

Heather Jones has won the National Awards of Trinidad and Tobago Chaconia Gold Medal in 2009 for her contribution to fashion, International Prêt a Porter Style Award, at Fashion Week of the Americas 2002, hosted in South Beach Miami.



Claudia Pegus label features the haute couture lines, and the CPFS label which produces the ready wear and career apparel lines for retail and wholesale purchases by boutiques, hotels, resorts and corporations.

Claudia Pegus

Claudia Pegus

Rodney Alexander

Rodney Alexander





Thus, it came as no surprise to many as our very own Anya Ayoung – Chee won Season 9 of United States of America ‘Project Runway’ in fine, tremendous style, her unique personal characteristics definitely made a statement, her designs portrayed another dimension about Caribbean Fashion Fusion igniting a non customary flair!   Totally Vogue and comprehensive performance by this trini born fashion star!



Anya won $100,000 from L’Oreal Paris and started creating her own line entitled Pilar dedicated to her brother, who died tragically in a car accident.

Moreover she was featured in Marie Claire fashion spread , then received $50,000 technology  suite by HP and Intel for the chance to design and sell merchandise and the cherry on the top was indeed the partnership with Piperlime.com  a California-based online retail company which sells top brands such as Alberto Fermani, Hollywould, Giuseppe Zanotti, Belle by Sigerson Morrison, FryeDonald J Pliner, Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Crocs,   Converse, Steve Madden.


Now I understand why it was so important to dress up in my mother’s high heels, not just to make a point but rather create an artistic impression from me to the world at large!



By Nicole Fisher

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Readers, join with me when I say a joyful “Happy Double Ten ( 雙十) to my Chinese brothers and sisters in Trinidad & Tobago and around the world”!

Double Ten is the national day of the Republic of China; it commemorates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of 10th October 1911.  This event eventually led to the collapse of the Qing dynasty.  Additionally, it is also known as National Celebration Day in Taiwan (Taipei), in other parts of the world where people of Chinese origin reside.

The People's Republic of China National Flag

The People’s Republic of China National Flag

According to Taiwanese American the Wuchang Uprising October 10, 1911 marked the beginning of the military Wuchang Uprising (aka the start of the Xinhai Revolution), as revolutionaries were upset over government corruption, the encroachment of foreign countries into China, and resentment over Manchu rule over Han Chinese.

Chinese Army Wuhan Flag

Chinese Army Wuhan Flag

This day marked the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in China, thus ending thousands of years of imperial dynastic rule.  Double Ten’s History



In Trinidad & Tobago we have so fortunate to benefit from the talents and contributions, learnt from their customs, culture, food, games, traditions and way of dress by truly awesome Chinese citizens in our beloved country.

His Excellency George Maxwell Richards

His Excellency George Maxwell Richards

Sir Solomon Hochoy

Sir Solomon Hochoy

Anya Ayoung-Chee
Model and Renown Designer

Gerald Yetming

Gerald Yetming
Business Man and Politican

Tony Chow Lin On

Tony Chow Lin On

Take a look at many more of our distinguished Chinese Trinbagonians.

Today alot of people will flock the Excellent Stores, Port of Spain  to captivate on the discounts earned as a result of Double Ten, Savings Galore!

Happy Shopping,  after all lets celebrate!

By Nicole Fisher

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“1, 2 buckle my shoe, 3, 4 shot the door, 5, 6 pickup sticks, 7, 8 lay them straight, 9, 10 a big fat hen!  Clapping games were so much fun! 🙂

Practice makes perfect, but at this age, my hands hurt before I finished the last line.          Oh yes! It’s  good to reminisce, about my school days right here in sweet Trinidad and Tobago.

Permit me to say it was definitely worth my while!  You see most of us were actually allowed to be kids create, explore, and invent.  The world was bigger than its actual size, huge to conquer in every imaginable way!  Sesame Street made it so easy an ally or sorts!

Firstly the day started off with a hint of magic in the air, the  magnificent voice on my little cream radio was truly an inspiration to me.  I looked forward to listen to Dave Elcock a radio announcer on 610 Radio.

He played my absolute favorite song “One day at a time” by Cristy Lane a very comforting song, I sang word for word.  Soon after the Calypso king of the World, The Mighty Sparrow’ sang his song “Education” that’s when my grand mom would shout at the top of her lungs  “You better listen eh, go to school and learn well, otherwise later on in life you go ketch real hell”!

Powerful lady indeed, look she put the ear in ‘fear’ (ring ears) because I listened,dare not make a statement, no soirée, because licks would have come forthwith (lol).

Funny though, at age 8 I believed my grandmother was the best hairdresser in the land, but I just could not understand why the style remained the same day after day.

Walking to school was an adventure I begged my parents to stop at the Lord Harris Square on Pembroke Street to allow me to touch the ‘teemari’ plant for the leaves to close pretty cool trick!

When I arrived at school, my heart leapt with joy my itinerary was already planned from the prior day.  In the morning hop-scotch no fighting until my turn, hide ‘n’seek at recess time.

Don’t forget to run to the gate to catch the ‘original ‘palette man on his bicycle which somehow had a unique bell, strawberry was my favorite, practically the whole school was able to detect from the moment he arrived always on time, Mr. Ralph Snr. meant business.

Palette Man

Flavorite Pallette Man serves delicious lollies strawberry, coconut etc

For lunch we would eat quickly in order to play moral, jacks, marbles and rounder’s before the school bell rang.  Our principal Mrs. Moore was strict as they come; no one wanted to become acquainted with the guava whip on her desk.

In the afternoon as we waited on our parents to return home we used the swings, ate plums, doungs and penna-cool from the school cafeteria.

Today it delights me when I see  bits & pieces of my school days being re-enacted by my nieces and nephews, playing the same games before they do their home work or at weekends, it simply means the tradition is still being passed on from one generation to the next.

Children on swing at Edingburgh Gardens Park
Photo by Nicole Fisher

Niece & Nephew Playing Jumping Jack
Photo by Nicole Fisher

Niece Playing Skip Rope

Joy to the max school dayz still is the best days!

What made your school days special?

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